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We actively invest for the long term to help our clients, the communities of the world, and our planet to prosper

Sustainable Investing

Transitioning towards a positive future

AXA IM has spent over two decades building its responsible investing capabilities.

Today more than ever, we remain deeply committed to our leading role as a responsible investor and long-term steward of our clients’ investments. 

In this video, Hans Stoter, Global Head of AXA IM Core, talks about how AXA IM’s responsible investment philosophy is grounded in two key principles: it helps us make better investment decisions and it is the means by which we can help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. In the simplest terms possible, investing is about trying to anticipate the future. 

We look at global ESG issues, such as climate change and how this has introduced risks or new investment opportunities - motivating investors to reshape their portfolio for the future. It has now become a ‘must have’ feature. 

At AXA IM we are recognised as one of the largest managers of responsibly managed assets in the world. With 88% of our assets in AXA IM Core classified as Article 8 and Article 9 under the EU’s SFDR regulation*

  • As at 31/03/22. Excludes non applicable assets (assets that are managed outside the EU and therefore not in scope of the regulation). The product SFDR categorisation is provided based on the basis of the European Directive (EU) 2019/2088 on the sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (“SFDR Regulation”) and state of knowledge at the time of enforcement of SFDR regulation in March 2021. SFDR is not a financial product labelling regime, and accordingly, no reliance should be placed on a financial product being given any particular classification under SFDR. If you rely on a particular classification having been given, this is at your own risk. Investors should also be aware that the SFDR classification process is inherently uncertain at present, as SFDR has only come into force relatively recently and it is not yet clear how all aspects of the regime should be interpreted. We may therefore wish to reconsider the classification of the fund from time to time; e.g. to reflect views in the market on SFDR (which are continuing to evolve), new regulatory guidance, amendments to SFDR made over time, or a decision by a court clarifying its interpretation. Investors and other third parties should therefore take this into account when considering the financial product for investment. It is reminded that a decision whether to invest in a product should be based on the legal documentation of that product in its entirety and not only on the sustainability-related disclosures made under SFDR.

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Our Featured Strategies

Our range of investment strategies aim to meet the financial challenges we face today and the environmental and social landscapes of the future. We actively look for opportunities that will provide long-term investment growth whilst seeking to minimise volatility.

ACT range

Invest for people and planet

Invest in a sustainable future with our ACT strategies.

ACT range

Clean Economy

An equity strategy focused on innovative companies who create solutions to address pressures on scarce natural resources and tackle climate change.

Act range

Green bonds

Green and social impact investing involves purchasing bonds where the proceeds are earmarked for projects which support a low-carbon economy or the basic needs of underserved populations and communities.

ACT range

Multi-asset impact investing

A world of opportunities to help create a positive impact for people and planet while generating investment returns.


Thematic equities

The evolving economy is all about identifying companies that are tapping into multi-decade demographic and technological changes, regardless of their region or sector classifications.

Fixed income

Unconstrained fixed income

Unconstrained fixed income to provide flexibility to capitalize on opportunities across the fixed income spectrum.

Risk warning

The value of investments, and the income from them, can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.


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