Evolving Trends

Discover a single point of access to the five major long-term growth themes we have identified in the entire evolving economy

Investing in the trends an evolving economy has to offer

Economies and companies are evolving to take advantage of megatrends such as new technology and shifting demographics – and we believe equity investors need to adapt too.

Companies are increasingly global and multi-sector in their approach, but many investors’ approach to equities has remained the same. This means that investors could be missing out on potentially higher equity returns by continuing to base their equity allocation solely on traditional geographic or sector approaches.

We believe that the trends captured by the evolving economy give investors access to the best opportunities for long-term structural growth, by identifying companies that are tapping into multi-decade demographic and technological changes, regardless of their region or sector classification.

The Evolving Economy trends

The evolving economy trends shaping the pace of change.

Evolving Economy

Ageing and lifestyle

Ageing population trends are creating opportunities for long-term growth investors due to growing demand for healthcare, leisure, wellness, housing and more.

Evolving Economy

Connected consumer

Digitalisation empowers consumers like never before with 24 hour, mobile access to a vast choice of products - companies must evolve to remain competitive.

Evolving Economy


More industries can now use robotics offering greater sophistication, precision for repetitive or hazardous tasks, and may provide affordable labour solutions.

Evolving Economy

Clean Economy

Innovative companies are creating solutions to address pressures on scarce natural resources and the need for greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Evolving Economy

Transitioning societies

A rapidly growing global middle class is likely to create growth opportunities as goods and infrastructure demand shifts from the basic to the aspirational.

Evolving Economy


The Metaverse is driven by companies that, from our perspective, have the potential to generate strong growth over the next decade.

Our solution

Evolving Trends offers investors a single point of access to high-quality companies benefiting from one or more of the five major growth themes within the evolving economy. While these structural themes are not new, we believe we are still in the relatively early stages of accessing their investment potential.

Evolving Trends strategy

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Our strategy aims to capture the long-term growth potential of the five Evolving Economy themes.

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